Finding alternative solutions to PFI for the future

The election has been and gone, and it seems to be as good a time as any to re-gather, re-group and collect our thoughts on PFI and what changes can be made for the future.

With this in mind, we asked for your ideas – wild, outlandish, or perfectly sensible – on alternatives to PFI.

Green party activist Andrew Durling had a couple of bright ideas.

He suggested creating energy-efficient hospitals with funds from quantitative easing.

He also put forward the idea that the government launches a new kind of bond – a health bond – and then all the (healthy) profits should go directly to the NHS.

For PFI-activist Carole Hawkins, the solution is simple: cancel the debt.

There was a very small “misunderstanding” between Carole Hawkins and social justice-fan Valkira Ga about whether investments would come from private or public donors:

Meanwhile, Reading activist Suzie Ferguson voted for PFI debt to be put back onto the balance sheets.

Lib Dem “notfadeaway” wants an investigation behind one of the PFI contract-holders:

And 999 Call for NHS just wanted a return to the good old days…

So, we have plenty of good ideas to get started with.

And it looks like PeoplevsBartsPFI are going to be discussing alternatives to PFI at their next meeting!

Plenty of hope for the future, then.

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