PFeye is a forum for news, views, and information about Private Finance Initiative (PFI).  This website will cover stories about the issues surrounding PFI in London and the rest of the UK.

PFI is a partnership between a public body and a private company, essentially a form of privatization, introduced in the 1990s.

Instead of public bodies constructing and maintaining, for example, schools and hospitals, the government pays a private company an annual fee to take on the responsibility to construct, manage, maintain and operate the building or facility and its services for a period of about 30 years usually.

A PFI financed public infrastructure is no longer publicly owned, although taxpayers pay the bill. PFI financing is now used for the NHS, education, local government, housing, transport, and Department of Justice.

As a group of Investigative Journalism students at City University London, we aim to hold PFI contractors and public authorities to account.

We welcome feedback and comments. If you are concerned about a PFI deal in your local area, share your concerns and we will try to investigate the matter. We also accept contributions.

You can write to us at pfeyeblog@gmail.com or tweet us @pfeyeblog.

Guidelines for using the site

While we appreciate your views and feedback, all comments are carefully moderated to ensure high standards, and any defamatory, grossly offensive or malicious comments shall be removed. We also aim to uphold the same policy on social media and will not engage in or encourage behaviour or activity which is not up to standard journalistic principles. Retweets or shares are not endorsments.

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